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Senior Data Engineer

Simplaex is the first AI audience platform that take insight into an action. With Simplaex publishers can create revenue from their churned users, increase yield, acquire new players and go full circle in engaging their current players. The self-service platform process tens of TBs a day, generate insights utilizing machine learning, make it available in sub-second querying and take action in high throughput low latency environment

Simplaex is looking for a kick-ass Software Data Engineer, who cares about quality code and is excited to build an amazing AI solution for publishers with cutting edge technologies in a large scale distributed system which includes (real) big data and high throughput environments.


  • At least 6 years of experience with a deep understanding in Core Java and/or Scala, especially in Concurrency/Multi-threaded programming (native, Actor model, Akka)
  • Strong experience with big data solutions (Hadoop, Spark, parquet) and large messaging infrastructures (Kafka, RabbitMQ)
  • Strong experience with NOSQL solutions (Casandra, DynamoDB, elastic, druid, Impala, presto)
  • Strong experience with Java server development and cloud services (Amazon EC2)
  • Can adjust to a fast dynamic startup environment and culture
  • Smart, interdisciplinary, fast learner and teamplayer
  • Knowledge of SQL databases and capable of comfortably crafting queries


  • Build a generic environment for our AI audience platform.
  • Build a big data solution to manage and process hundreds of TB a day.
  • Build a framework which allow to access dynamic multi dimensional data-sets in a sub-second
  • Work closely with the data scientist and deliver the outputs in scale.


Mutual respect and the freedom to do things a bit differently form the basis of our daily work. We have been quite successful by achieving tasks together - while a good laugh is always welcome. Our team members enjoy a productive atmosphere in a company blending the fun of online and mobile gaming with a highly professional spirit.

We’re determined to further expand our business proposition in an exciting and international growing market. Situated in the heart of Berlin, we draw in talent and ideas from all over the globe to one of the world’s most creative cities. Our team members have the chance to take on quite some responsibility and grow with us at a fast pace.



Analogous to a human brain, Simplaex’ core AI acts like a central nervous system that consumes information for a large number of sensory organs.

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