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DevOps Linux Engineer

Become the Sherlock Holmes of the web and help our clients to detect the fraudsters among their customers. In this never ending race, we are beating the bad guys with technology!

We are developing a large scale cloud service for fraud prevention on the JVM. As a DevOps Linux Engineer (m/f) you will work together with the DEVICE IDENT team to bring our server infrastructure to the next level. You will help us to improve the deployment of our Scala application and establish continuous delivery. Your comprehensive experience allows you to fulfil your duties autonomously and with a focus on quality and sustainability. Your good communication skills will contribute to the open, straightforward and respectful way the team is interacting with each other.

The Job

  • Servers administration and provisioning
  • Automation of deployment (Chef, Docker, Jenkins)
  • Configuration management: big plus if you have experience with on of these: Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, Mesos or Nomad
  • Backup management
  • Database administration: you will help to develop our mongo based storage architecture to the next level
  • Monitoring and Metrics: you help us to keep an eye on what really matters (currently we use Grafana and Graphite)

Skill Set

  • A university degree won’t hurt, but we value practical knowledge more than formal education
  • Scripting experience: we currently use a lot of Bash/Ruby but are flexible about that
  • You are well-versed with NGiNX, HA / Load balancing and Firewalls, continuous delivery (Jenkins)
  • Good English language skills (German not required)
  • Experience with agile software development processes is a plus
  • Bonus points for experience with JVM application
  • Bonus points for experience with QA
Risk Ident

Risk Ident

RISK IDENT is a software development company base in Germany and the US that offers anti-fraud solutions to companies within the e-commerce, telecommunication and financial sector.

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